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World Class Manufacturing

World Class Manufacturing

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS in order to be a world player, producing products in electronics safety systems industry and with strategic co-operations with world leaders in this industry

  1. adopted the strategy of “Global Producer” and
  2. launched a program to be transformed as a “ World Class Manufacturing”( WCM) company

The concept behind this, is that OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS must continually focus on quality, delivery, safety, value to the customer's and all the other competitive priorities and not just cost, cost, cost… A cost focus is deemed to be only of short-term benefit, while building a robust core of values to the customer has the potential of providing long-term health to a company.

The WCM program is based on lean concept where lean is “A team based approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value-adding activities) through continuous improvement that shortens the time line between the customer order and the shipment in pursuit of perfection”

This WCM program was launched from 2010 with the depth of 10 years and is briefly  presented in the attachment (World Class Manufacturing)

WCM is not a static never-changing improvement program. In the beginning of 2013 after the quite sufficient results of WCM implementation, the Olympia Operating System OOS was introduced, as upgraded, “to improve the ability to identify and implement measures to reduce waste and achieve greater customer satisfaction through value ”.

This, OOS,company-specific production system is based on the Honeywell Production System (HOS).Honeywell started implementing HOS in 2004/2005 this has helped transform that company from a troubled giant to one of America’s most successful companies. Honeywell’s sales in 2011 were 72% higher than in 2002, and its profits doubled to $4 billion.

In the attachment "OOS Olympia Operating System" , OOS is presented.

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