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OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. aiming in the quality, has adopted in the last years, production and inspection procedures that have supplied the market with products that are totally in accordance with European Norms (ΕΝ).

For the production, the company applies advanced systems “world class manufacturing” such as lean systems ,TQM, 6 sigma, which give it competitive advantages.

Its products allocate certificates from various certification bodies such as:  Bureau Veritas, EVPU, ΒSI, DEDAL, CNBOP, LPCB e.t.c.

The company applies a complete management system IQMS "oly q" which include quality management systems, as well as environmental management, health and management systems. Olympia Electronics S.A. has been certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001.

SWISS Approval bsi  EVPU CNBOP-PIB  EACD-U-N-S Registered M Macedonia The GReat EACBureau Veritas


72 km Old National Road Thessaloniki Katerini
Postal code 60 300, P.O.Box 06
Aiginio, Municipality of Pydna-Kolindrou, Pieria Prefecture
+30 23530 51200
+30 23530 51486