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Addressable Power Light

Addressable Power Light

Power Light addressable emergency luminaires
Power Light WP addressable emergency luminaires
Power Light - GRL-22 addressable emergency luminaires

Addressable Power Light emergency luminaires are self-testing, maintained / non-maintained, with battery autonomy of 1.5-3 hours.

They are suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, with the installation being carried out on the wall.

The emergency luminaires of the Power Light family are equipped with two independently movable high power led lenses, in order to optimally adapt to the geometry of each surrounding area.

They are characterized by a robust design, with a degree of impact resistance IK10 while for areas with aggravated environmental conditions they are available in versions with increased degree of IP.

Power Light emergency luminaires are suitable for large open spaces with high ceilings such as large warehouses and sorting centers, sports facilities, parking lots and production facilities.

It is possible to place a pictogram on a specific model of the series.

They are BSI certified.

 IP42 IP65 Duration pictograms Self Testing wall installation ADR BSI CE 

*Mains / Emergency

SWISS Approval bsi  EVPU CNBOP-PIB  EACD-U-N-S Registered M Macedonia The GReat EACBureau Veritas


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