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I/O Unit

I/O Unit

Olympia Electronics

BSR-8020/WP/MAR is an addressable input – output unit which cooperates and is exclusively programmable from fire control panels BSR-2104/MAR and BSR-2114/MAR. The use of this device is to connect conventional devices which have a free relay contact in addressable systems such as conventional fire detection & extinguishing panels, gas detection panels, conventional detectors, flow switches, electromagnetic door latches etc. This device is also used as a driving input unit for conventional detectors to the addressable panel with maximum capacity 10 conventional devices (detectors, manual call point) or as a driving input unit with external power supply and maximum capacity 32 conventional devices as per EN54 regulations.
BSR-8020/WP/MAR input unit can indicate to the panel three different situations, quiescent, fault and alarm. The output unit has a fully programmable relay contact (30V/1A).
BSR-8020/WP/MAR has also an indication LED which flashes periodically to indicate good operation (resting state). In case of fire detection the indication LED lights continuously until there is a reset signal from the panel. The indication LED is illuminated even when we silence the sirens, in order to show the device that activated the alarm.


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