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Manual Call Point

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BSR-5036/A/MAR is an analogue addressable manual call point which cooperates exclusively with fire detection panels BSR-2114/MAR and BSR-2104/MAR. It is constructed in accordance with EN 54-11, IEC 60092-504, IEC 60533.
Manual call points are installed near exits, stairwells, in escape routes and it is essential to install one manual call point near fire detection panel. The manual call point near control panel is placed there so the person who is responsible for the inspection of the building will give an immediate alarm signal and activate the alarm system as soon as he detects a problem in the panel. Manual call points should be mounted at a height of 1.5 m above the floor and the maximum distance to reach a manual call point in an escape route shouldn't exceed 30m.
The activation of manual call point is done by pressing the clear plastic cover. It doesn't break and can be reset to its standard position with a plastic key after alarm activation. This function enables the testing of a specific button and the maintenance of fire detection panel.
BSR-5036/A/MAR has a red indication LED that flashes periodically in standby detection mode to indicate the good operation of the system. When the manual call point is activated the indication LED is illuminated continuously until there is a reset signal from the control panel.
Each Manual Call Point has an address recognized from the main panel and we can give this address in manual call points with a dipswitch. It is produced in two different versions for indoor and outdoor use.


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