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Fire detection addressable panels BSR-2104/MAR & BSR-2114/MAR are designed with 2 and 4 loops and can be expanded to 8 loops. These panels are constructed in accordance with EN 54-2, EN 54-4 regulations.
Each loop has a maximum density of 150 devices/points. These devices/points can be input devices (detectors, manual call points), output devices and isolators. According to regulation EN 54-2 the maximum number of connected devices in an addressable fire detection panel cannot exceed the 512 devices. Each point/device can have a unique address in each loop with a number from 1 to 150. These fire detection panels have up to 96 zones and are suitable for vessels such as cruise ships, tankers, balk carries etc. It offers an extensive selection of settings and options in order to control the devices and sirens that can be easily modified through software in regular PCs. Also it is easily controlled from the 16 button keypad onto the panel.
These fire detection panels work with 220-240V AC power supply and 50-60Hz frequency and are rated in 1 class devices (it is obligatory for each panel to have its own resettable fuse in order to be protected from the main power supply panel and also, it is required to have the same ground connection with the main power supply installation). Each panel has also 2 batteries Sunlight SP-12 12V (7Ah or 12Ah) Lead Acid with output voltage 24V and autonomous duration (when a power failure exists) 30 minutes in alarm situation.
BSR-2104/MAR & BSR-2114/MAR have a 320x240 pixel LCD screen which displays messages whereas the indication LEDs are used to show basic warnings (alarm, fault, isolated sections). These LEDs are divided into groups and colors in order to indicate different situations.

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