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Fire detection conventional panels BS-1638/MAR, BS-1642/MAR and BS-1646/MAR are designed with 8, 12 and 16 zones accordingly. These panels are constructed in accordance with EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 regulations.
Each zone has a maximum capacity of 20 conventional devices, such as conventional detectors and manual call points. The conventional fire detection panels have two 24V siren outputs, fully monitored for open and short circuit conditions. They also have 24V DC outputs to supply magnetic door holders, flow switches, fire curtains and gas detectors. These conventional panels can be connected with the building management system (BMS connection) with three programmable relays that indicate three different situations, normal operation, fault and alarm. The battery backup of these panels is two sealed lead acid batteries 12V with 7Ah or 9Ah and achieve autonomous duration of 72 hours.
The conventional fire detection panels can be programmed from the display and keypad in the front of the panel and also from a common web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox when they are connected through Ethernet with a PC.

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