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PLD Series

PLD Series

PLD-25/SC incorporates a bank of super capacitors instead of normal batteries

The emergency lights PLD-25/NiMH/M which are designed in a minimalist plastic profile, are easily connected and installed with a viewing distance of 26 meters. They are self testing luminaires of continuous / noncontinuous operation with autonomy of 3 hours, while there is the PLD-25/NST version which are non-self testing. In addition there is a version with supercapacitors, the PLD-25/SC, with an autonomy of 1 hour and a temperature range from -40 οC to 65 οC and a of good operation guarantee of 10 years for the entire luminaire.

The luminaires can be easily mounted on the wall and ceiling, through various mounting accessories:

  • Hanging ceiling mounted with accessories A-2130, A-2131, A-2132 for 1m, 0.5m and 0.25m respectively.
  • Vertical to the wall with the base A-2133.
  • Recessed in suspended ceiling with bases A-2510/PL and A-2510/PL/ST/M.

*Mains / Emergency

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