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Electric Insect traps with glue 220-240V AC

Electric Insect traps with glue 220-240V AC

Olympia Electronics


In the food and beverage industry it is mandatory to adhere to HACCP regulation, according to which it is prohibited to use chemicals and high voltage grids in the construction of electric insect traps. In replacement to the high voltage grid, a special factory inspected glue trap is used.The respective legislative regulation are ΤL/195/97-CE93/43 and 96/3 of European council on the 14th of June 1993.This specific legislation is mandatory for the whole of the food industry as well as the food service industry (restaurants,candy shops, bakeries, meat and super markets e.t.c)

General Charateristics

  • Environmental friendly.
  • No chemical induced dangers.
  • Research proven insect attracting UV lighting.
  • Constructed according to HACCP regulations.
  • Does not use high voltage grids.
  • Table mounted installation capability (special accessory)
  • Glue trap, resistant to UV rays and high temperature.
  • Constructional material: Fire retardant ABS, electro-statically painted aluminum.
  • Produced in accordance with : ΕΝ60335.02.59


SWISS Approval bsi  EVPU CNBOP-PIB  EACD-U-N-S Registered M Macedonia The GReat Bureau Veritas


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