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Weather Light

Weather Light

Weather Light

GR-939/15L/MAR & GR-939/30L/MAR are self testing, maintained, waterproof emergency luminaries with white LEDs which are used in ships. These luminaries are permanently connected to the mains power supply and while the power is on the battery is charging and the led strip lights continuously. In case of a mains power supply failure the led strip will be supplied by battery and will light continuously. The advantage of these emergency luminaries is the self-testing function that measures battery's back up power and checks the functionality of Led strip and the supplying circuit. This check can be held manually too. During manual test all indication LEDs are off. The RESET button erases all the indicated LED errors with a 5 seconds pressing on the button.
The minimum autonomous duration of the integrated battery is 3 hours. The viewing distance for these luminaries is 24 meters.
These luminaries, according to Lloyd's Register Type Approval System, are suitable for marine and offshore applications for use in environmental categories ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 & ENV4, where ENV1 are controlled environments, ENV2 are enclosed spaces subject to temperature, humidity and vibration, ENV3 are enclosed spaces subject to generated heat from other equipment and ENV4 are mounted on reciprocating machinery.


SWISS Approval bsi  EVPU CNBOP-PIB  EACD-U-N-S Registered  EACBureau Veritas


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