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Central Battery Systems “CBS”

Central Battery Systems “CBS”

The CBS family consists 3 different types, 24VDC Conventional, 24VDC Addressable, 230VAC Conventional for emergency illumination.

They are produced in accordance with the current European norms ΕΝ50171 and ΕΝ50172. Depending on the model they contain 4–16 illumination circuits that can be individually programmed to operate as maintained or non-maintained.

Each output circuit (zone) can be programmed for maintained or non-maintained operation. In maintained mode, the luminaires of a particular zone are always powered on. In non-maintained mode, the zones that have been programmed so, they only turn on in case of emergency. In essence, in conventional systems an entire zone can be programmed for maintained or non-maintained. However, in the addressable system each point can be programmed individually for maintained or non-maintained operation.

Better Energy efficiency compared to self contained luminaires.

Low maintenance cost. The batteries in a CBS system are located in the main panel compared to self contained luminaires that have their batteries built in. This saves a lot of time and money during maintenance, inspection or when batteries need to be changed.

More effective inspection. With CBS panels you have the ability to inspect the function of all luminaires from the main panel. If a luminaire has a fault then there is an update in the main panel during a programmed test.

The cost of the CBS luminaires is comparable to self contained luminares. With CBS systems you have a long term cost due to all saving because of all the previous reasons regarding the self contained luminaires.

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