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Conventional Panels

Conventional Panels

Fire detection conventional panel BS-1638
Fire detection conventional panel BS-1632
Fire detection conventional panel BS-1619

The family includes 3 conventional panels (8, 12 and 16 zones) with uniform handling and indications.

They have 2 outputs for sirens, alarm relay, fault relay and programmable auxiliary relay.

2 A-986 batteries (12V / 7Ah) are required for their operation. Alternatively, 2 A-961 (12V / 9Ah) batteries can be used for bigger autonomy.

Panel BS-1638 has 8 zones, panel BS-1642 has 12 zones and finally panel BS-1646 has 16 zones. All their functions and indications are in accordance with the European standards EN 54-2 and EN 54-4.

These conventional panels can have up to 16 zones and are suitable for placement in large facilities such as department stores, hotels and factories.

They offer an extensive list of settings and features for controlling installation equipment and sirens, which can be easily configured using an Ethernet PC.


SWISS Approval bsi  EVPU CNBOP-PIB  EACD-U-N-S Registered  EACBureau Veritas


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