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Extinguishing Panels & Accessories

Extinguishing Panels & Accessories

BS-627 Extinguising Panel
BS-637 Waterproof Aerosol Activator For Fire Extinguishing Systems
BS-533 Fire Extinguising Manual Call Point
BS-534 Fire Extinguising Manual Call Point
BOX-537 Waterproof case for extinguishing manual call point

BS-627 is a fire extinguisher.

It has two intersecting zones for detectors, one zone for the manual start button of extinguishing, one zone for a button for manually canceling the extinguishing process and one extinguishing output controlled for open circuit and short circuit. The outlet can be operated by detonators or solenoid valves.

It also has two siren outputs, an error relay, two fully programmable relay contacts and terminals for connection to conventional fire detection panels.

An A-986 (12V / 7Ah) battery is required for its operation. All functions and indications are in accordance with European Standards EN12094-1.


Type Zones Loops IP dB Consumption
BS-627 4 IP40 100VA

SWISS Approval bsi  EVPU CNBOP-PIB  EACD-U-N-S Registered  EACBureau Veritas


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