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Fire Detection Addressable Panels

Fire Detection Addressable Panels

BSR-100X - Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panels consists of 3 models(1,2 and 4 loop connections)
BSR-100X - Inside

The BSR100X series of addressable fire detection panels consists of 3 models, BSR-1001, BSR-1002, BSR1004 (1, 2 and 4 loops respectively), which share similar operation, functions and capabilities.

The bundled BSR-100X PC software for Windows provides additional functionality for calculating system components, configuring the panel, and saving the event log. All models in the series include 4 outputs for driving conventional sirens as well as error status relays, alarms and auxiliary relays.

The backup function is provided through 2 12V lead acid batteries, capacity 7Ah, 9Ah, 12Ah or 15Ah, selected depending on the requirements of the installation. Each loop can support 150 addressable devices (smoke detectors, heat detectors, sirens, buttons, etc.).

All the features and functions of the BSR-100X addressable fire control panels are designed according to the European standards EN54-2 and EN54-4.

The panels of the BSR-100x series have extensive functions and capabilities for the control of the fire detection system (such as sirens, output relays, etc.). It can be programmed through the BSR-100x software (for PC with Windows).

The table is programmed on the table itself or by a computer program. The series of analog addressable fire detection panels BSR-100X is suitable for installation in medium and large facilities such as department stores, hotels and factories, thanks to the ability to create a network of fire detection panels (up to 4 interconnected panels and up to 8 interconnected repeaters).

The BSR-100x series panel repeaters provide the user with the ability to perform basic functions for operating the system as well as displaying the current state of the panel and its events via the built-in keyboard and backlit graphic display.


Type Zones Loops IP dB Consumption
BSR-1001 128 1 IP30 130VA max
BSR-1002 128 2 IP30 130VA max
BSR-1004 128 4 IP30 130VA max

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