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Olympus Led

Olympus Led

Olympia Electronics
Olympia Electronics

The Olympus Led emergency lights series is the latest offering from Olympia Electronics for an emergency luminaire family suitable to cover multiple demands with low cost and modern design. The Olympus emergency luminaires are specially designed to cover emergency lighting specifications for small to medium-sized installations. The low profile and the ability for recessed mounting in false ceilings make them suitable for installation in hotels. For use in environmentally burdened areas, the luminaires of the Olympus series are available in IP65 ingress protection rating. Additionally, there is the LT version, suitable for use in low temperatures. The self-testing versions of the Olympus family offer the option to set the autonomy of each luminaire to 1, 3, or 8 hours, via internal switches. Furthermore, the internal design provisions for different power sources such as Supercapacitors or LiFePO4 batteries, additionally to the standard Ni-Cd batteries.

The Olympus series of emergency luminaires have three basic versions. Specifically:

OLY-500: low-cost version with test button suitable for use as an emergency exit sign in residential and commercial installations with an autonomy of 3 hours.

OLY-1004: suitable as an emergency light and emergency exit sign for small to medium-sized installations, with the ability to set the desired autonomy via internal dip switches.

OLY-1024: version with asymmetric optics suitable as an emergency luminaire for illuminating exit routes.

The Olympus series of emergency luminaires can be used as double-sided emergency exit signs with the use of the SP-1100/XX exit sign.

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