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Weather Light

Weather Light 19xx
Weather Light 9xx

The luminaires of the Weather Light family are Olympia Electronics' offering for an emergency lighting and signage system suitable for environmentally burdened spaces. The Weather Light luminaires are specially designed for use in industrial and commercial installations, as they offer increased protection against impacts and intrusion from foreign objects and moisture. Furthermore, for use in installations with low ambient temperatures or high Electromagnetic interference, there is a version available that uses supercapacitors as a power source, rather than conventional batteries.

The high luminous flux output versions 4P and 6P can be used in large rooms with high ceilings. Also, there are versions available with 90 minutes, 3 hours, or 8 hours autonomy. 

The Weather Light family luminaires can be used as double-sided emergency exit signs with the use of plastic diffusers A-1017 or A-9100. Also, the A-9000 accessory enables the GR-9XX luminaires to be installed as single-sided emergency exit signs. The GR-19XX self-testing luminaires can be remotely tested via the magnetic card A-1900.

 wall installation battery Ni-Cd battery Ni-MH Self Testing

*Mains / Emergency
Type Duration Consumption Light Output (Mains / Emergency) Operation Testing
GR-900/30L/SC 1h 6W/6,5VA/PF:0.92 250/90 lm Maintained Self-Testing
GR-935/4P 1,5h 4VA 350 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-935/6P 1,5h 4,8VA 480 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-935/15L 1,5h 2,5W/3VA 125 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-935/30L 1,5h 2,5W/3VA 250 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-936/4P 3h 4,8VA 480 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-936/6P 3h 5,5VA 480 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-936/15L 3h 2,5W/3VA 125 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-936/30L 3h 3,6W/4,3VA 250 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-940/15L 8h 4,1W/4,5VA 105/105 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-941/15L 8h 3,5W/4VA 105 lm Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-1935/15L 1,5h 3,1W/3VA 40/105 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-1935/30L 1,5h 3,3W/3,5VA 40/210 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-1936/15L 3h 3,4W/3,6VA 40/105 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-1936/30L 3h 4,5W/4,8VA 40/210 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Manual-Testing
GR-1938/4P 1,5h 4,7W/5,1VA 175/350 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1938/6P 1,5h 6,2W/6,5VA 245/480 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1938/15L 1,5h 3,4W/3,8VA 105/105 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1938/30L 1,5h 4,5W/4,9VA 210/210 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1939/4P 3h 5,3W/5,7VA 175/350 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1939/6P 3h 6,2W/6,5VA 245/480 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1939/15L 3h 3,3W/3,7VA 105/105 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing
GR-1939/30L 3h 5,3W/5,6VA 210/210 lm Maintained/Non-maintained Self-Testing



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