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Tunnel Light

Tunnel Light

Tunnel Light
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Tunnel emergency lights series

Car passenger and freight transport are the dominant transport modes in EU and as modern road networks become more crowded, the use of tunnels and underpasses is expanding. Tunnel installations are demanding, due to limited maintenance access and corrosive atmospheric conditions and emergency luminaires have to satisfy the requirement for both reliable performance and absolute minimum of operation requirements.

The aim of evacuation lighting is to guide tunnel users during evacuation of the tunnel on foot in emergency circumstances. This aim is fulfilled with the use of emergency signs that unambiguously indicate the route of escape to a place of safety.

Emergency exit signs in tunnel installations are manufactured in accordance to the following specifications:

  • EN 16276:2013 Evacuation lighting in Road Tunnels: the standard specifies evacuation lighting in road tunnels longer that 500m and with an AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic) higher than 500 vehicles.
  • EN 1838 Lighting applications: Emergency lighting: the standard specifies the luminous requirements for emergency escape lighting and standby lighting systems and is referenced in EN 16276:2013.
  • Directive 2004/54/EC: This Directive of the European Parliament specifies the minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-Εuropean Road Network.
  • CIE 88-2004: This technical report provides guidance for design of lighting systems of road tunnels and underpasses.
  • EN ISO 7010: the standard specifies the safety colors and safety signs in registered safety signs.

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