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Programmable Room Thermostats

Programmable Room Thermostats

Programmable Room Thermostats

Why should I choose Olympia Electronics' new upgraded thermostats?

Olympia Electronics’ Thermostats provide the user with flexibility and versatile parameter management for substantial optimization of the heating systems.

What makes thermostats so attractive is their elegant design combined with their easy-to-use and smart functions.

Save up to 25% energy consumption compared to bimetallic thermostats!
You can adjust the temperature of your room exactly as you wish and lock the temperature with a PIN code at any temperature you want as well as lock the thermostat keyboard.

Make it easier with the operating modes of the thermostats where they provide you with the possibility of setting up to 20 programs with a choice of program temperature, start time and end time. 
In addition, it provides you with the heating and cooling function. Absence and night functions, in which the temperature you want your place to have is programmed either when you are away or at night.

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