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In order for Olympia Electronics to accept the return of products the following procedure must be followed:

(1) Communication with the technical department from RMA and approval for return. All fields in the form must be filled in and sent by email. The purpose of the return must be clear.

(2) Attention: In case of return of defective products this must be written in the return notice slip, as well as the purpose of inspection, to be in line for tax issues.

(3) The RMA form must accompany the returned products.

It is really important to explain and clarify the reason of the return and the exact defect that the product has. You must also mention if  you wish this product to be repaired and returned.

This is why it is important to verify with our technical department the defect of the product. Otherwise if the product is received from the company and after investigation does not show any problems, or the problems found where from a mistake in the installation, then there will be an invoice issued for the handling.

Important Notice: We will not receive any products that  :
(Α) are not accompanied by the appropriate transport slip,
(Β) the packing of the products is not appropriate for their safe transport.


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