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Management systems and standards have become a key part of Olympia Electronics lifeline and a prerequisite for survival in the global village.

As an increasing pressure and demand from different stakeholders, it is becoming necessary for Olympia Electronics to adopt different systems/standards as for example:

  1. systems for quality( ISO 9001),
  2. environmental ( ISO 14001)
  3. occupational health and safety (ISO 45001),
  4. energy management ( ISO 50000),
  5. EFQM,
  6. CE & FPC etc

The genuine need is for improved systems that enable an organization to control the key management functions of quality, environment and safety with maximum effectiveness and minimum bureaucracy.

For years, running and managing independently those management systems with satisfaction also company had foreseen the dangerous of being bureaucratic, arduous, paper driven and sometimes going into details that not adding value to the customer.

Olympia electronics’ forward-looking approach brought together the previous mentioned individual functions &systems within an integrated management system (IMS) named “Oly-q” to achieve the benefits from the implementation and subsequently maintenance of these systems.

This allowed the company to move away from traditional vertical and separate management systems towards a single cross-functional horizontal system that can benefit both the corporate and the customers.

The integrated management system in Olympia Electronics “Oly-q” is built up in a process-oriented way and considers all the available, certified or no, standards of the company as i.e. for the certified : ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (occupational safety).


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