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GET Nord Exhibition | Olympia Electronics

GET Nord Exhibition | Olympia Electronics

GET Nord Exhibition | Olympia Electronics

The participation of Olympia Electronics S.A. at the international exhibition GET NORD was concluded with great success!

GET Nord was a trade fair for electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology in northern Germany. The fair was also known for multi-layered framework program consisting of the architecture, innovation and internet forum and many attractive special shows.

Nearly 600 national and international exhibitors presented a unique offering of products, systems and services in the building technology sector in a space of three days.

Such an exhibition could not be without the dynamic presence of Olympia Electronics. Our people had the opportunity to talk with the visitors of the exhibition and we are very thankful to all those who honored us with their presence.

Olympia Electronics representatives introduced the Phos 4.0 software enables the user to monitor and control up to 16 wireless gateways for a total of 3200 devices from a centralized location. The software offers complete monitoring capabilities of all connected devices, a complete installation software WIRELESS EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM WIRELESS 1h IP20 graphical view, BMS connectivity via Modbus TCP, and robust notifications options.

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