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OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. becomes a sponsor for ESTIA

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. becomes a sponsor for ESTIA

Corporate responsibility is not for OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. another term in the terminology of modern business. On the contrary, it means an offer, which is innate, daily and sincere. Our main concern is to contribute to building a better  future for all children, supporting a number of organizations and activities and taking initiatives for their daily help.

In the form of organized Corporate Responsibility, we strengthen our social and environmental role. Responding to the request of the Center for Social Care of people  with Mental Retardation ESTIA, we offered safety luminaires of our company, to cover the work that is slowly being completed on its 4th home. The AMNY ESTIA Social Care Center is a Charitable Association, which provides multiple services of vocational training, socialization, vocational rehabilitation, leisure and housing for young people with mental retardation. Every year more than 100 young people enjoy the services of the organization.

The concept of responsibility to society as a whole has always been  a basic principle of the business operation of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. since it was founded. With the same responsibility and respect for our history, we continue our effort, recognizing and responding responsibly to the needs and expectations of social groups and associations.


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