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New EVPU certification for the product BSR-5130 / WP of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A.

EVPU certification for the product BSR-5130 / WP

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A., with exports to more than 72 countries and primarily aiming at the excellent quality of its products and customer service, has in recent years adopted production and control processes, which result in the placing of products on the market perfectly compatible with European harmonization standards (EN). Most of its products have certificates from various laboratories such as LPCB, EVPU, BSI, CNBOP, Bureau Veritas etc. In practice, certifications are a process of compliance with requirements and specifications based on standards based on safety, quality, health, environmental protection, but in reality, certifications are those that upgrade the operation of a business, modernizing structures and processes and are the criteria for investment .

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. recently obtained EVPU certification for BSR-5130 / WP, which is a waterproof addressable fire siren with integrated isolator. The BSR-5130 / WP siren is used as an audible warning sounder in case of fire event. The loud volume of 101dB / 1m is sufficient to cover the maximum space  required. It can connect  to  any fire panel that supports the Olympia A Protocol communication.

The philosophy of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. is based on the concept of "high quality state-of-the-art competitive products at the most competitive price with a customer-oriented  concept". The company continues its upward trend and proceeds to the certification of more and more of its products, since the acquisition of certifications increases the reliability of the products, provides safe products to consumers, reduces production failures and increases sales by attracting new customers and entering new markets.


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