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New hanging marking panel for GR-8/LEDs, GR-9/LEDs

New hanging marking panel for GR-8/LEDs, GR-9/LEDs

The most popular safety luminaires of our company, the GR-8 / LEDs & GR-9 / LEDs, acquired a hanging marking panel for ceiling installation, thus gaining dual use, either as safety luminaires or as emergency exit signs. As emergency exit signs luminaires they can be produced single and double sided, depending on the requirements and with easy alternation of pictographs. The hanging sign can be easily and quickly placed on the luminaires and has a viewing distance of 20 meters and a plexy glass 10x21cm.

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A.  is constantly developing new products, but it also continues to evolve its old ones, so that they can meet  the needs of today's market. The quality of the GR-8 / LEDs, its high aesthetic design, its ease of use and its immediate distribution, combined with its competitive price, are the main advantages that have made it No. 1 in sales all these years. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. with its  long experience and state-of-the-art technology, inextricably linked to innovation and a well-equipped R&D department, is always ready to meet the demands of the market and meet the needs of  both installers and electricians.


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