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New product GR-288 from Olympia Electronics


OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. along with rest of the world face very crucial challenges in the world of industry such as rapid developments in the electronic security systems and technology, stricter environmental regulations, the need of cost reduction and last the increased performance expectations. The company’s ultimate goal is to produce high quality products and always aspires to meet its customers’ needs.  As a consequence, the development of   its new product GR-288 was inevitable.

The GR-288 is a central unit ceiling emergency luminaire with 5LUX lens,  90-250V DC, 120-250V AC / 50-60Hz input voltage, maximum power consumption 2.6W / 3VA, 1 Power LED light source, luminous flux 270lm and Ingress Protection class IP40. The new product is produced in accordance to the European norms EN 60598--1, EN 60598-2-22, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 and has a 3-year warranty.

GR-288 luminaires can be used in areas where Central Battery System panel (CBS) is required. Some of the places where you can install the Gr-288 are places such as above fire detection buttons, first aid kits or to complement the other emergency luminaires of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. Each luminaire must be permanently connected to its input voltage. In the packaging there are all the necessary mounting accessories and complete technical characteristics, which makes it very easy for every installer – electrician to use.


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