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OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. the big sponsor of the 1st Ordinary General Assembly of EICA Piraeus

1st Ordinary General Assembly of EICA Piraeus

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. once again actively supported the Greek electricians and installers with its sponsorship of the First Regular General Assembly of the Association of Electrical Installers of Piraeus, which took place on Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 9.30 am. that took place at the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF).

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. is always by the side of electricians and installers, and recognizes their important and difficult profession. The work of the electrician - installer, in addition to being complex and responsible, is also extremely dangerous, since it requires daily handling of electricity. For this reason, this profession is practiced by well-trained people, in order to minimize accidents.

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. was represented by the Director of the Athens Branch, Mr. Spyros Kafalis and Sales Engineers, Mr. Tassos Dimakopoulos and Asteris Asteriou, who met with the President, Mr. Dimitrios Moustakas, and many members of the Piraeus Association of Electricians. It is everyone's wish that the big projects will be restarted and that the construction of buildings will be increased, so that the industry can continue its important work and its upward course.




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