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Olympia Electronics Donation to the Ukranian refugees

Olympia Electronics Donation to the Ukranian refugees

At OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. we have learned to look ahead, beyond the boundaries of our industry, because times are difficult for the whole planet and the contribution of all of us is required. Our vision is to create a world of sustainability, social contribution and sustainable development.

The war in Ukraine added another major problem to Covid's difficult 2.5 years. More than a million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries to escape the Russian invasion, and more than half have gone to Poland, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania where they have been warmly welcomed.

OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS A.E. demonstrating its awareness of corporate social responsibility, on April 8, 2022, held a meeting with Wiązowna Community Office representatives, where almost 3,000 refugees live (for comparison, there are only 12,000 Polish people living in this community, which led to a 25% population increase). During the meeting, our company donated 550 emergency lights, GR-60 & GR-11, as a sign of charity and support. The products were distributed by the executives of OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS POLSKA based in Warsaw.


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